Thank you for having the courtesy to read these simple recommendations that allow us to create a memorable and enjoyable for both equally and am open to any suggestion or any special requirement, please contact me with any questions or suggestions.
-Please read my website carefully it should answer most of your question, fill screening form is crucial.
_Before our meeting if you need to cancel or make any changes in the time of our meeting, please send a message at least 24hrs hours advance.
-Be on time for our appointment, no earlier or later than the scheduled time.
-I really love a gentleman who are very clean after taking a shower, smell good with clean clothes, in the event that u need it you welcome to take a shower in the comfort of my in call, before or after our meeting.
-Upon arrive you will be received with a warm welcome, please leave the agreed fee in an envelope, make your self comfortable, if is the first time visiting take the time to start a pleasant conversation concerning any question or interest that you have.
-Donation is only for companionship, everything that happens will be pampered by two older adults who knowingly allow their actions.
-The time will never be rushed, do note that the agreed time must be respected by both parties any additional time will be charged.